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Earring Care Tips


All our earring are handmade from Polymer Clay (PVC material) and some may contain resin, brass, alloy, copper, stainless steel and 925 Silver.

Although polymer clay is strong, durable and flexible, they should be handled gently and with care at all times!


As all gold and silver plated jewellery are not real solid gold, the nature of these metals will result in the jewellery to tarnish overtime. Hence, it is important that you handle your jewellery with care and follow the necessary tips below to keep your earrings in good condition and prevent them from tarnishing quickly:


  1. Keep your earrings dry at all times and avoid contact with water, alcohol, chemicals, make up, perfumes etc.
  2. Store your earrings in a cool and dry location to keep them safe and in shape.
  3. Remove your jewellery before showering or going to bed.
  4. Do not keep your earring on when you exercise, swim or do any activities that will cause you to perspire.
  5. Clean your jewellery gently with baby wipes or a soft damp cloth after use. 

  6. A polishing cloth will be given to you when you purchase earrings that consist of brass or gold-plated components. Kindly use it to polish your pieces once in awhile.


Alcohol swabs are provided when you purchase our jewellery. The usage of these swabs are intended for the cleaning of your ears and not for the earrings as it may tarnish the material. Do ensure that your ears are dry before wearing the earrings.

Should you experience any discomfort or allergy symptoms upon wearing our jewellery, please remove them immediately and consult your doctor ASAP. We will not be responsible for any allergic reactions experienced.